Editorial Service – Basic


This is an editorial service – basic package with a professional rewriting.

The QSMReid Editorial Service – Basic Package is ideal for personal and solo business purposes. It is a professional proofreading and editing of existing editable content. Editors will ensure proper sentence construction, grammar, and references. The editorial rate is $100 for every 1000 words of the final script. The following is included:

Editorial Pricing
> Base Price (initial review) = $0 (included)
> Rate Price (per 1000 words) = $100

Editorial Services
> Blogging & Scripting
> Proofreading & Editing
> Mailing & Posting

> 1-2 Revisions

Plus, we will work diligently to deliver specific editing details, and unique writing styles to your writing needs. We want to ensure your final approval and total customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of the signature editorials by Grace’s Place for your Editorial Service – Basic Package.

2 reviews for Editorial Service – Basic

  1. mosnem

    Grace’s Place does it again. Very pleased with the services provided. This letter was very well written. It was delivered in a timely fashion as well.

  2. touchofclassgym

    Grace’s Place is an exceptional writer and editor. Look no further for your editorial needs. I know I will be using her for all my future edits.

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